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If you enjoy mysteries about the origins of old books, follow the link above to learn of a real one originating in sixteenth century Germany.  Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.

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You may download any of my images (at whatever resolution they are posted ) for personal use, but commercial use of my images is strictly prohibited.  The only favor I ask in return for the permission to download is that I receive credit for the image--wherever it is used.  Please remember that all my images are copyrighted.
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Phil Slattery at Roper's in Corpus Christi, TX, 2005
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Click on any image to go to that section.  The link will take you to a gallery where sizes currently available may be found and where larger versions may be examined.  Most of the images in this website may be purchased by clicking on the image in its gallery page (not on this page).  Currently, I am offering only prints of my digital works through this website.   My paintings may be purchased at the galleries listed on the Paintings page.  Please check back often.binary options indicators
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June 9, 2010

I am showing three of my latest paintings (Cyclone, Green Flash, and Apricot Dream) with the South Texas Art League exhibition at the Art Center of Corpus Christi during the month of June.  All three are for sale.


Past announcements are available in the lower left section of this page.

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May 2010


I will be having a solo show of my paintings at the renovated Rialto Theater in downtown Aransas Pass, TX. The show has been tentatively scheduled for March, 2011 and should comprise 15-20 of my works.  The exact dates have yet to be determined.  Please check back for more information.  Between now and then I will be showing 2-3 of my works periodically at the Rialto.  Please visit if you happen to be in the Aransas Pass area.


March 28, 2010


I have opened a small gallery at Third Coast Antiques at 4325 South Alameda Street.  In addition to my larger and most recent paintings and some prints of a few digital works,  I have taken advantage of the opportunity to also sell some of the photography equipment (such as an enlarger, processing drum, and 35mm slide duplicator) that I no longer need.  My paintings page contains more details on which works are being carried there currently.



September 20, 2009

I have been reworking my Writings page to include both my published and unpublished poetry.  Follow either the Writing link in the far left linkbar or the Short Fiction and Poetry link among the icons.


August 4, 2009

I have made substantive changes to the website by deleting four pages and many links.  If I had a link exchange with your company and have deleted your link, please feel free to delete my link on your website. 


Oct. 2, 2008:  I now have works for sale at the Purple Elephant Consignment Store in the Six Points area of Corpus Christi.  The Purple Elephant helps support the disabled through its sales and programs (see my blog for more info).  If you would like to visit, its address is 1701 South Staples.  Call (361) 887-9824 for directions.


I will be exhibiting my work "Ragged Sun, Ragged Sky" at the Dimension XXXVI show at the Art Center of Corpus Christi from September 4 to September 28. 2008.  This is the Art Center's major exhibit and my first juried show. Please visit the Paintings page to see the work.


I won third prize in the category of works on canvas in the Art Center of Corpus Christi All Members Show in April, 2008. The judge for the event was Joe Schenk, director of the Art Museum of South Texas. Check out the incredibly bad photo of me with my winning work on the Paintings page.  Read the judge's comments about the event and his criteria on page 3 of this Art Center newsletter.


Ten of my digital works have been selected for inclusion in the Guest Gallery of the Museum of Computer Art.  Prints of the works selected are available through this website.

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