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escape velocity - digital print - available up to 24" x 36"
Escape Velocity
24 x 36
dissolution (available up to 24" x 36") - digital print
24 x 36


Fran contemplating - digital print - available up to 30"x40"
turbulence - digital print - available up to 16"x20"
16 x 20

This was an experiment in depth perception using colors and texturing.  If you look closely at the blue area, you will see that it is broken up in a texture known as "craquelure".   An unexpected outcome of this work is what appears to be the profile of a man's face at center left, giving the work the appearance of being turbulent thoughts exploding into the cosmos.
rendition - available up to 16" x 20" - digital print
16 x 20
prejudicial - available up to 16" x 20" - digital print
16 x 20
regret - digital print - available up to 20"x30"
20 x 30

Originally this was an experiment in depth perception using shading and a single hue.  Many people remark that it reminds them of rose petals.  However, this similarity was unintentional.
Woman Contemplating
30 x 40

Originally, this work began with my tinkering with a photo of my girlfriend.  I had no end result in mind.  Today, I find this work increasingly fascinating, because it seems that many latent emotions emerged during its creation.  The swirling red and yellow give it a feeling of a raging fire trying to burn away a resilient heart.  It could be interpreted as a woman finding  refuge in her own, strong heart against the over-powering and self-destructive forces of emotion, love, passion, or whatever forces are trying to overwhelm here.  This seems now more than a simple image.  It is the focal point of a woman's intense, internal struggle.
Ice Age
24 x 36

I named this "Ice Age" because it gives me the same feelings I experience when I view some artist's rendering of life during the Ice Age.  In it, I seem to feel  humanity's struggle against the primal elements of snow, cold, mud, sharp fragments of ice, and glaciers.  Perhaps this reminds me of a distant past life.  Interestingly the browns could also be taken for animal skins, which during the Ice Age, which have probably been seen as symbols of comfort: clothing and bedding.
machine - digital print - 30" x 40"
30 x 40


apparition - digital print - available up to 24" x 36"
24 x 36


Santorini (Available up to 10 x 12") - digital print


Bus Stop 1 (Available up to 12" x 12") - digital print
Bus Stop
12 x 12
Chain (Available up to 20" x 30")- digital print

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ice age - digital print - available up to 24" x 36"





Clicking on a work will take you to the Artwanted.com gallery where you may view it in a larger size, view similar works, read visitor comments about the work, and purchase prints, if desired.  Some designs are available as designs on gifts in the Artwanted.com Gifts gallery.
M7 (available only in 3.5" x 5")- digital print
morning glory (available up to 10” x 12”) - digital print
Morning Glory
10 x 12

In this I see not the flower, but the glorious, steady emergence of the morning sun against the dark of night.
20 x 30







3.5 x 5
10 x 12