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If you would like to exchange links, please follow these simple steps:

1.  Select one of my banners from below and copy it to your site.  Feel free to resize it as necessary (so long as the text remains legible).

2.  Link the banner to http://www.philslattery.com or any of my pages that you like.  I have linked each of the banners below to either the page it advertises or, if none is specified, to my home page, so that you may be able to just cut and paste it to your site.

3.  E-mail me and let me know where you have placed it on your site.

4.  If I approve of your site content (I reserve the right to decline links), I will link to your site from  my links page, using the banners or links provided on your site.   If I do not approve of it, I will notify you.  Although I reserve the right to decline for any reason, I will probably link to your site so long as it is art-related and does not promote violence, cruelty, illegal acts, pornography, etc.  I want to keep my site family-friendly.

5.  If you do not like any of the banners, you may use a text link of your own design, so long as the following description is included: "Phil Slattery Art--Affordable, brightly-colored acrylic abstract and figurative paintings and digital art."
 red skies banner    Phil Slattery's Art of Flowers




Link Exchange

 paschal banner    Phil Slattery's Art of Birds


William Street banner
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tri-colored heron banner   plumeria banner   emerald banner
CC Cathedral banner
Walls banner
Lightning at Sunset banner   wave and sun banner